How To Give your Bunny A Bad Attitude.
Vol. 1
People are always wanting to get more power out of their Rabbits.
And who can blame us? The stock Rabbit is no slouch,  and with a little work, and a few
Anything is possible.
Well.... Almost.
Level 1
Free Upgrades.
Use These If You have No Shame or Money.

1.Ram Air Intake.
Remove The preheat flap, at the air box. Now take a dryer vent hose or other large diameter flexible hose,
and Duct it to the grill. This has the effects of a Ram Air intake system. I have no proof, but my guess is
about 1 or 4hp gained. On My old Chevy Citation I added the Ram Air Hood, and intake from the higher
performance X-11 and it was good for 7hp, So who knows maybe its more. Because of the way it works,
you will notice the increase at higher speeds.

2.Lose Some Weight.
Cut The Fat.  Remove any extra weight in the vehicle. If you want extra speed in a Rabbit, try dropping
about 200 pounds from it. If you  have a car with A/C, and its dead, get it out of there, and take the hoses
If you don't haul friends. The back seat can go, and if your tires look good, leave the spare at home.
I once stripped out all the stuff I could in my old Rabbit C, and I got  a 1/2 second increase without
spending a penny.

3. Increase Exhaust Flow.
Drill a few holes on your rear muffler. No Really, but not too many or you'll sound like a boat. But 4 or so,
will add a nice deep sound to your exhaust, and reduce back pressure and add a few hp's.
Now as a warning If you drill holes in your muffler, it won't pass any inspections your state may have.
But  it Does work, and it's a lot cheaper then a New high dollar exhaust system.
I'd guess another 3 to 5hp can be gained this way.
Cheap Upgrades.
These Should Cost You Under $100 Each.

1. Ignition Upgrades.
There are several cheap upgrades you can do to your ignition.

Step one- Buy some nice plugs and wires. I'm not going to recommend any plug in particular,
but there are several nice ones around that burn at a hotter level, offer higher output, or fire
better in well worn lower compression motors. As for the wires, get something better then
you'll find at the parts store. Same with the cap and rotor. Get OEM or better, and you'll
never regret it.

Step two- Replace points ignition with a later electric type.
This will cause you fewer headaches in the long run, as well a 1 to 3hp increase.
Your car will idle better too.

2.Intake Upgrades.
Here's A Few Ways to Increase Flow.

Step one- Get a high flow air cleaner. This can be a K&N or any other made. It allows air to
pass through it quicker, and with less resistance. They claim a 4% power increase.

Step two- Get a "big bore" throttle body. These add throttle response to the already peppy
Rabbit, and increase flow to the engine. I don't know how much hp they can add, but any helps!
This is one of the most common upgrades for Vw Rabbits. You can get a used T-body from
your local junk yard for as low as $20.00 .

3.Exhaust Upgrades.
More Flow !!

Step one- Replace your later 4 into 1 header with an earlier 4 into 2 header. This is a Big step
Its also a big pain in the butt!  It will cost you less then a $100.00 to do it, but plan on spending
a few days under your car. If you have no lift or power tools this can be frustrating. The
exhaust studs commonly break, or come out with the nut when you try to remove the old one,
and they are not easy to access. But I if you can struggle through it. You'll get a lot of bang for
the buck.
Depending on the car, You'll get about a 10 to 15% increase in power
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