The Restored Rabbit Truck Trip!
12-20 to 12-28
Total miles : 1377
Ah Yes.... The open road.  With the Truck Resto finished (for now), and 600 miles on my newly
rebuilt motor. I figured it was time to take her out, and see what she could do. I originally intended to
go it alone, but my wife insisted on coming along. Something about being alone for the holidays. So
the Plans were made. I installed the truck cap, grabbed some rags, and a few key tools, and we were
The first day was a blast. We traveled along I-40 through the Blue Ridge mountains. And then turned onto I-74.  
The High altitudes, and cold weather really gave my little pickup a workout. But it ran great that day, and after a
8 hour run, we decided With the snow falling all around us, to call it a night. The super 8 motel we stayed at was
nice, for 29.99,  and the takeout pizza and beer went down well after a hard days drive. That night I dreamn't the
New half shaft I installed last month came loose, and caused a huge wreck.  Ahhh.... nice dreams.

Morning came, and it was time to hit the road again. After a quick breakfast at the Gas and Guzzle, along with
an Army grade cup of coffee, we were off.
With only 4 hours to go, my legs hardly had enough time to cramp up, and then we were there! The Truck had
run Perfect the whole way there, and had gotten 35 miles per gallon to boot.
                                                      THE RIDE HOME
OK, With the Nice Flawless ride up under my beer gut hidden belt, I had no reason to think the ride home would
be any different. WRONG!
Almost right away I noticed a slight flutter at idle, but before I could bring myself to give a crap, we were on the
highway and headed home. All was well for the first 3 hours, but then came our first traffic jam, and my first
indication that things were not well. The car would hardly run under 2000rpm, and there was a giant sucking
sound that wasn't coming from my wife's credit cards.  Although I had brought a few tools, and a few parts, I had
nothing on me that could fix the missing intake bolt that had fallen out somewhere along the way. I guess I
should have been sober when put the intake on, but dammit, that beer was Sooo tasty. So I did what I could, With
a Few major adjustments to the Air fuel mixture screw, and by cranking up the idle, I was able to sit in traffic and
still run wide open without stalling, or hesitating.
Well 15 hours later, We managed to limp our
Rusty Rabbit home, and our trip to Dads Was
Call it an almost Successful trip.
So.... Anyone got a spare intake bolt?