So, You just can't figure it out, Or you just want to learn
a little about how your Rabbit works?

Look No Farther!
I have made a few videos for people in need of advice over the last 3 years.
And I would be happy to make one for you. just E-mail me, and let me know what you'd
like to see. I can walk you through a brake job, exhaust work, electircal repairs, adding
preformance stuff, you name it!

I make these for free, but the tape,or dvd and postage will run you about 5 bucks.
Not a bad deal. I can also burn these to a cd for use in a computer, but I don't have
high-speed internet, so I can't e-mail anything over 2meg.
Each tape comes With A 2min Intro to the shop, and a virtual tour of it.
Download a preview
(Warning 2 Meg file Will take forever on
dial up, trust me thats how i uploaded it)
Request A Tape,
or dvd.