More Parts!
Not that I'm a Pack Rat or anything, but I am.
In the last 5 years, I've seen all the salvage yards in my area dry up. No more Mk1 cars to be
found. So this was my solution. I keep a lot of stuff I hope I'll never use, but have just incase.
So I did what I had to do.. I began to collect all the good stuff I could.
And a Little More.
Here's the latest motor job... Another 1.5L with factory A/C option. Also a 4spd tranny.
This motor will be rebuilt, and await installation into what ever car I can find that needs one.
Also pictured is the 79-80 front grill. My personal favorite version of the Vw Rabbit grill.
Hard at work.
Here is the 79 motor and tranny being removed. The wife and I were up late with that one.
Took engine and tranny out with a floor jack and some car stands. She was a bit skeptical, but
in the end the car lost. And we went to bed.
A lot of other parts came with it!
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