The Parts Dept.
Well here we are. This is the small parts parts dept. The bigger stuff is hanging on the walls, or is
in the storage shed out back. All the body parts are around back. Almost all of the parts I have
for Vw Rabbits are used. About once every 2 years I buy a parts car and strip it down for all the
goodies. Alot of this stuff gets rebuilt or repainted and cleaned before being put away.
Also here is my collection of Vw repair books. I highly recommend the book
"How to fix your Rabbit for the Complete idiot"
It is one of the best manuals ever made.
The Entertainment Center
Yup, Its here... With a 13inch color TV, Cd player, and of course An Atari 2600Jr.
I am ready for a long days work. Now if  I can find a dorm fridge somewhere, I'll have my beer!
What's better than playing a game of Ms. Pacman after rounding off an exhaust nut a 3am??
My poor wife never sees me anymore.
Isn't that right honey? ... honey? .... HONEY?!?
Oh well... Where was I.
The Work Bench.
Here is where I do my Rebuilding.
As you can see, I have a few new parts around here, and some common tools nearby.
Under the tables are shelves with extra tools and parts. I keep my interior parts here, as well as
some of my A/C parts.
I hope to add cable and a phone soon, so I can live out here forever.
Yup, theres more.
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