Interior Restorations, And Modifications

Most Rabbits I come across these days are in poor shape,
The interiors of these cars range from worn out, to things may have died in here.
I had to do some serious rewiring a few years back, and I found out how easy it is to
remove the Rabbit dash. Once removed, it is easier and quicker to repair it.  Or to
modify it.
Here's the Interior of my 1980 Vw Rabbit C

Notice the tan gauge cluster. I got that out of a 78 at a junk yard in Connecticut. I always
wanted it to match the red interior of the car, but I didn't know how. Now I do.
Also notice the nice 84 wooden wolfsburg shift knob, and the 1980 Vw Scirroco dash with
woodgrain and tach. That came out of another car I owned. And of course the car and
driver red shag seat covers with matching steering wheel grip. I love this Setup.
I always Feel like I'm in a space ship at night. I removed the original 1.2w dash bulbs with
3w ones I painted red. Now the speedo, and tach as well as the ashtray and heater
controls glow bright red at night. People love that one.
If you would like to see how to replace the bulbs or remove the cluster
from your rabbit, check out the video. Basically removing the dash goes
like this.
clutterover your radio-   This will vary by radio make.

2. Reach into radio cavity and remove screw on left side of opening. Now reach
Past it and unscrew the speedometer cable.

3. Pull out on plastic face. As clutter comes out, Mark and Detach all electrical
connections. Then remove and set aside cluster.

4. Remove 4 nuts holding the dash to the frame. These are located 2 on each
side, At the far inner corners of the dash pad.

5. Untangle the mess of wires from the dash pad, and remove the ductwork.
Now the Dash should come off freely.

6. Now you have a good view of the wiring, fuse box, and heater box.

                   HAVE FUN!
See how to modify your dash
bulbs to the color you want
to see.
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