Parts, Pieces, And Stuff You Should Have.
Oh boy, this could get wierd. Firstly let me say this. If you have the space to store stuff.
Then hang onto all the odd ball parts you think you'll never use. Or 2 sets, or 3... you get
the picture. These parts can come in handy at a later date, or if sold on E-bay will make
someone, as well as your wallet very happy. I have 3 early style headers, and downpipes,
and I see them sell for about $70.. If I sold them all, I guess that would about cover the
cost of my last two parts cars.

That being said, Most people just won't have the space, or  may find it hard to get spousal
appoval to put a few rabbit parts in the famliy room "for a little while".

So What do you  keep?

This stuff is randomly listed. You should be the judge of what parts are more important for
your situation. Some one running a rally car, or a race car will want to keep a bunch of
hoods and fenders. While a daily driver would want to focus on alternators, and starters.
Zero space  Parts list.

This is what you should have If you have to keep all your parts and spares in your trunk.

A Set of Plugs.
A Can Of Starter Fluid
An Alternator belt, Plus any other belts needed to turn the waterpump.
At least 4 quarts of oil.
A Can of carb or brake cleaner.
A spare set of used injectors (take more then one, used ones are often clogged or no good)
At least 2 lug nuts.
A spare alternator if you can find one... (on some cars they go out at least once every few years.)
All the little knobs and switch's fail, and fail often. So keep any you could use.

Now If you can stuff a few more things into the corner of the garage......
Radiators    (A used radiator may not last forever, but it beats the $250 or so your out if yours
breaks on the side of the road.)

Pre '81 headers. These have better flow rates then the latter models, and can be retrofitted to hold
a o2 sensor if needed.

Spare tires/rims. I kept a good basic cheap set of 155 13inch tires around for a while, then I
swapped them out with a parts car's nice scirroco mk1 rims. There just waiting for a car. If you
can't keep all 4, Keep 1 as a full size spare, and 1 as a backup, or incase you have to tow a parts
car with bad tires.

Fuel distributer, Distributer. Take both of these. I have a old points ignition distributer in my truck
as a spare incase the wiring to hall unit fail in my electronic ignition distributer fails.  A spare fuel
dist, can help with spare pieces or hoses, or o-rings.

Waterpump housing. These come in handy when your bolts all break off on the one installed in your
car while you try to change your pump.

Dash Clusters.  I like to modify mine with all kinds of knobs, buttons, switches, and lights.
But I like to have a spare around to go back to stock if I decided to sell my car.

CV Halfshafts. If your donor car has good ones, keep them, they may come in handy. I had one
fall apart, and was back on the road in no time. And it didn't cost me a thing.

Grill, taillight assembly's, turn signal lenses, mirrors.  The lights are getting hard to find used, and
most states require no broken lenses.

Front Brake Calipers/Rotors. Much quicker to swap out a leaking caliper, then it is to rebuild it on
the spot.

If your car has A/C Try and take everything you can. A/C parts are Very Expensive. And Fail

If your car has any chronic problems with other parts like door handles, turn signals, wipers, or
anything else, TAKE THAT STUFF TO!

I've forgotten a ton of stuff, but Its always better, (not to mention a learning experience) to take as
much of your doner car apart to save. If you Later find you can't keep it all, you can sift through it
and decided what to keep.