The "New Car"
1979 Silver 2dr
Yup. Here it is with the newly rebuilt 1.8jh code Gti engine and close ratio 5speed manual
transmission. I converted it from a automatic with a 1.5l to this! Of course there is still a lot
to be done, but as you can see its coming along nicely.
Another shot showing the Gti wheels, and Underneith it, the Gti suspension and brake
upgrades. Still needs some body work, and paint, but the engine is up ands running, and its
mated to my vintage 1992 Monza exhaust system salvaged from my first car. It puts out a
very mellow drone at highway speeds.
Here's a candid shot my Wife took of me
out in the Rusty Rabbit. I think she was
bringing me more beer.

I was replacing the rear latch assembly
for the tailgate. the old one wouldn't lock

Notice how messy the shed was at this
Thats rare for me, but it does get that
way when I'm in the middle of a project.

Another Shot of my
79 in the Shed.
This is when I first got it