Update 2-15-04
This Truck Has Been Sold!
1981 Vw Pickup Diesel L
My first Pickup, and my first Diesel.
The previous owner took great care of the body, and it looks great.
But the motor died some 15k after I bought it. And I have yet to find a good parts car for a donor
motor and injector pump. I will sell this car as-is to the right person.
This truck had a cap on it its whole life, so the bed is near mint, I could never bring myself to carry
anything nasty or sharp in it. I loved the diesel motor, The smell reminded me of my Army days.
But the costs of fixing this beast with new stuff is way to rich for my blood.
Besides, its a 81, I really would like another 80.
The Bed
This is the nice part. Very clean back here. I removed the rear bumper for my 80 model. I needed
the hitch. Also has the optional rear slider. Someone needs this more than me.
Update: This Car Was Sold in late 2004