Thats One Mean Looking Front End.
I just love the look of this. Its my gti treatment on a 1979-80 front end.
Money Shot.
Pretty cool for a 23 year old car. Notice the mud on the front wheels.. This was a work truck day
for my little Pickup. With out it, I never could have built the Rusty Rabbit.
Here's my spare tail-gate.
When I have to use my truck for dirty stuff, I use this beat up tailgate, and save the nice one for
weekend drives.
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1980 Vw Pickup C
This is my weekend driver, and sometimes work truck. A custom Vw Rabbit Pickup.
I bought this twin to my first car from a guy upstate. He had blown up the original 1.6L and lost interest
in the project. I replaced the interior, and put a 1.5L motor I had on hand.
The motor puts out about 80hp and it moves this little thing real good.
I still have a lot of plans for this truck.