A Man And His Moped
Years Ago, Before my First Rabbit, when I was 13, I bought a moped. So did my friend.
That Meant that two hoodlum 13 year old kids could drive all over town and get in to trouble all over the
place. It was soo cool. I was showing up everywhere, and my parents never had to drive.
The fun lasted right up till I turned 16 and got a car. The poor little moped sat, unused untill I sold it to
pay for parts for my rabbit.
Then 3 months ago I found this little thing at a goodwill store. I took a bunch of tlc, but I got it running and
found a muffler on E-bay. Now I can Cruise the strip at 25mph on my moped again.

Notice the squirrel skin on the wall. it came with the house... good deal huh?
1985 Trac Eagle Moped
M-56 Daliem 49cc Motor, 2 Speed Auto Transmission.

Oh ya, You may have noticed that I'm not in The Rusty Rabbit in these photos. This is
another barn called The Shack. Its A little more refined. If it had heat, I'd live in it.
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