So, What Else Do I Do?
When I'm not at work, or hanging out with the wife, I like to...
I like to do all kinds of stuff, but mostly I sit on the couch and watch tv. (Hey at least I'm not going to lie about it)
Sometimes I See How much Beer I can drink in a day, but my wife really hates that game.
So I spend a lot of time at The Rusty Rabbit. If you look at the shelf above my head in the picture below, you'll see a
few one gallon Mini kegs of beer, and a Huge jar of pickled eggs.  Mmmmm Picked eggs.
Another Day At The Rusty Rabbit
Look like its gonna be productive aye?
The Dreaded Vw Bus Project.
Never,Ever Buy 30 year old bus in pieces, and try to put it back together.
There were only about 1000 items missing in the end, and There wasn't a single one in the junk
I lost A lot of time on this one, and was Very Very happy to see it go.
Thats not to say that Aircooled VW's aren't cool, but this one sucked.
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