A Brave New World
This is me on my drive across country. I'm standing somewhere in the middle of the
Famous Salt Flats
What a ride.. From Conneticut to Oregon and then Back to North Carolina. What A
wonderful place we here in the USA are lucky enough to live in.
People fly to the far reaches of the world to go on vacation, fly to see rain forests,
deserts,vast mountains, and blue oceans. I have seen all these things, and a thousand
more, and I never left home. I have seen America, and its good, Real good.
That's Army Training Sir!
I owe my entire career, to one simple choice
I enlisted. I learned, I conquered
Although I had To Sacrifice My first car, it was a worthy cause.
Before I  joined the Army, I was a Worthless, beer drinking, risk taking dumbass.
Now, I just drink beer.
No seriously, I had major doubts, but it was a blast (some times literally).
I recommend it to everyone young or old. You'd be amazed what you can accomplish
with someone screaming at you 24/7
To bad they didn't teach me how to spell huh?
Ahh.....  The Good old days.
This was taken years before the dreaded battle of the bulge.
(No not the WW-II battle, I'm talking about the time I had to switch to light beer.)

As you can see I've always liked to hang out in the garage.
Yes mom, I was only 18... And it was your garage...
Join The Army
Travel To Distant Lands
Meet Strange And Exotic People
And Kill Them