Yup, Here I am. Erik, Owner of The Rusty Rabbit.

These photos were taken from one of my home produced videos on Volkswagen
Restoration and Repairs.
Contact me if you actually want to see one of these..
(I drink and swear a bit, so I would guess these are rated R. But there are a crap load of laughs,
and I promise, You Will Learn Something! )
You can view many of these for free at The Offical Rusty Rabbit School Of Repair Archive pages
Or order one on VHS or DVD for just
$5  each.
Just Your Average Joe.
So, How did I ever get involved in this? I have a Vivid imagination. (hint...I'm  just nuts)
No, I just like Rabbits. They are, or were good cheap transportation. They got good mileage, so
they just had one little problem. They broke down all the time. (Or all of mine did)
So I learned some on the spot repair tricks, and started buying tools.
I had no money to goto a school, as I was spending it all on repairs. I learned all the cheap tricks,
and unfortunately a few expensive mistakes. Eventually I could no longer afford to keep up with my
little Rabbit, and needed to learn how to really repair the beast So I joined the Army, and learned
how to be a Mechanic.
That was 17 years ago... Wanna see?
Thats Me And My "New" 1980 Rabbit In 1989.
That was the first day of the rest of my life.
The words "Road Trip" now had meaning, and so did all the evil things that 16 year old boys do
with their cars. The next 3 years were a blast, but in 1993 I was forced to park this baby in the
woods near my old home, and cover it up with branches. I hoped no one would mess with it, and
promised I would be back.
Years passed and not a week went by with out my thoughts returning to those woods.
When I got out of the Army in 1996 I found myself here in North Carolina, some 1500 miles from
those woods. But I had no way to get it home. I was just starting out in life, and a tow bill from
Connecticut was just out of the question.
Another 3 years passed, then in 1999 I heard of a good friend moving some furniture from that
area to this one. I jumped on it.
I drove my Ride at the time, A 1986 VW Cabriolet 1500 miles non-stop, with a plan and some
cash. But I had wondered what all these years had done o the car.
When I arrived at the site and saw, my heart sank.
She was there, but rust had found its way in. The floorboards were shot. As well as the front
The fuel pump had long since seized, so I wasn't going to be driving out, and the wheels had sunk
far into the mud. I installed a new battery, rolled down the window, and hit the starter while in 2nd.
It was harsh, but it worked. The Rabbits little starter pulled the car out of the mud, and onto the
road some 100 feet away. My friend arrived later and we pushed it onto the car dolly to be towed

Two days later it was here!
Wanna hear the rest of the story.
And A few more?
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