83 Vw Rabbit Gti
This is my latest find. A 1983 Vw Rabbit Gti.
You just don't find the Gti's in original shape anymore. Someone has always done something to change
to exterior or interior. Or the motor isn't original. Its not that I think people shouldn't customize their
car's, but if eveyone does this, Where will all the Originals be?
I want someone to come see this car years in the future, and say "Ya, I see why people wanted one of
Clean on the inside too!
Previous owner took good care of this one.
I figure It was meant for me to care for next. The dash is clean too. And the seats that usually
ripped in the first year are still intact.
Fly Gti.
Someday this is going to be a great ride..
I want to build this one to really handle, but my wallet says leave it alone.
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