79 or 80 Vw Rabbit C 1.6L gas.
This was my High school girlfriends car, that she got after I bought my black '80 model.
The old owner used it to tow a Sailboat!
(Not that two 16year olds cared about that, but hey.. The seats folded down.)
Last I heard (13 years ago) it had been sold after someone poured sugar into the gas.
Too bad. It was a fast little car.
79 4dr Parts Car.
A true wreck I found on the Internet in Virginia. It was hit hard on one side in 1991
and had been sitting ever since. But I needed the dash for another project and the
motor wasn't locked up so I gutted it. Seen below here with about 3/4 of the good
stuff gone. I always think its sad when one ends up this way, but it was a hopeless
Its just a hull now waiting to be towed off.
Only a Few parts missing.
No... I didn't think so.
Well don't feel bad for this old bird, Parts from her will carry one the Vw Rabbit Tradition. Of good cheap
transportation. The Trans, Pedal cluster,stick shift assembly and linkage, and the steering rack are all headed for
my newest car the silver 1979 dr. The motor is going to be rebuilt and will await an emergency. The fuel system and
ignition systems are going on the shelf as spares, as is most of the interior and dash.
If anyone needs a front or rear bumper, or any other parts you still see on this car let me know soon!
click the pic to see!