79 4dr Gas Parts Car
(Car no longer exists)
I bought this in car in 1999 after seeing it for sale for $100.
I dragged it home got it to run, and then stripped it of almost every part. I think the rear doors
and seat were the only thing that went with it to the junk yard. The 1.5L motor was rebuilt and
now lives in my 1980 Vw Rabbit Truck. The dash was redone and went from blue to red.
The tires are still around hear somewhere, And the gas tank is in my 1980 Vw Rabbit C

Now that its gone I kinda wish I had just fixed it up and used it as my daily driver.
You just can't imagine how much of this car is still in use.
I can say without a doubt that the pickup I drive now would never have seen the road without all the little pieces
from this 4dr. The window channels, the dash, the door panels, the window cranks,the shifter, the engine, the clutch
pack, the fuse box, and the headlight assembly's.
There's about 50 more.
But you get the pictures. I consider this page a memorial or it.