Recent News.

07-04-05 Happy 4th Of July. Its Independence Day! Time to blow off a finger or two, or just burn down the
field next to your house with those pesky bottle rockets you've been hording all year. But Seriously Take a
moment to thank a Vet, or your Teachers, or any State or Federal Employe. We live in the greatest country
in the world, and thats something to be proud of, Thankful of, and Happy about .
Now back to the story.....
MAJOR UPDATE! I've rearranged the whole section "other peoples Rabbits" to now include trucks,jettas,
sciroccos, and convertibles. Plus some of the custom jobs out there. I've also added a new section to the site
Off the main page that has scans of every brochure I own, plus a bunch of Ads I've collected over the years.
I hope you will enjoy this, and it will contiune to grow with your help. And lastly, I've added another video.
Its a 15 year old video of me and my first Rabbit. Check it out!

06-29-05  The Site has been updated again. The other peoples rabbits section has a bunch of new photos.
I've also added 3 new pages to my rabbits pages. Hope you like! I've also updated the Rusty Rabbit tour
pages with new photo's of the "shack" in 2005. And lastly I've cleared out the guest book, (it was full) so
feel free to leave your comments.
Click Here to see how I feel about my rabbits these days. I still find
myself working on the black truck almost nightly fixing whatever it is that has gone haywire this time... The
EL-Cheap-O Cd player I got 4 years ago at wall mart for 39.99 including speakers has been driving me nuts.
Some days working fine, and others having the power cut in and out, and yet on others having power, but no
sound volume. Its too much! So I bid on, and won a original 1980 VW Rabbit C (standard equipment) AM
only radio. You can see some pictures of it
HERE.  I can't wait to hear all the static and talk radio throbbing
through my original center speaker!

06-25-05 Hey, I've added another page to the "my cars" section showing some of the enhancements I've
made to the Silver 79 project car. Check them out! And I've added another video on Painting plastic and
vinyl interior parts. Also the full RustyRabbit tour is now available for download. Up till now this was only
available with a video purchase. Enjoy!

06-22-05 I Want to thank all of you who have visited my site over the last 3 years I logged on today and was
greeted by the number 10,043 on the visit counter! Thats a lot of rabbit fans. I also want all of you to know
I'm not going anywhere. I have been a little slack on keeping up with things lately, but that does not mean
I'm no longer into VW's. Just the opposite. I've been so busy with the real ones, I haven't had time to keep
up with my updates. I've also lost my High speed connection here. The satellite company I used went belly
up. With the site now close to 120megs in size, thats about 4 days to upload an updated at 28.8 So I'm
looking into other means of getting my updates on line. I've made some new How-to videos, one on Throttle
body replacements, and a few funny ones about VW's in general. I've also clicked away at a section on do it
yourself brake work, and a few pages dedicated to all the work I've done on the silver car. Lastly I've
cleaned about half of the RustyRabbit shed out. And took out a wall, so I can get to the cars faster from the
bench. I will also upload a few pictures of that.  Please feel free to
E-mail me with any comments or stories,
and of course PICTURES! I'll be happy to chat. If you need a Rabbit part Let me know. I'm going to start
selling off some excess stock in July.  
Thanks Again for making this site Number #1  in my book. Not bad for a mechanic with too much free time,
and a creative streak.

04-30-05 Well, I've finally started to clean out the shed. I'm going to mark everything and take pictures.
Keep an eye out for the user name TOPAY on Ebay. I'll be selling off my excess inventory starting in July.
I've got so save up some money to have the silver 79 model repainted. I've got most of the minor rust spots
fixed up, but the dent in the rear quarter panel is way past my skills. I'm also having a hard time deciding
weather to spend the extra money to pull all the windows out when I have it painted to give it a better look.
And to insure against leaks, or paint bubbling. I guess time will tell.

03-12-05 WOW, I've done nothing..... I mean it, NOTHING. I guess I got a little burned out. The shed is
still a damn mess, the web site has sat idle without updates, and the silver 79 still needs tires,wheel
bearings, and A ton of body work.
I guess my mind has gone into winter hibernation.

01-03-05 Happy New year!  And Happy 30th anniversary VW Rabbit!  Yup..... Its been 30 years since VW
released the Incredible RABBIT, and began to shit can the terrible beetle (just kidding).  To bad both of
these fine vehicle's are not still available new.  Any way, I've driven the silver 79 a few times, and its
running strong! I've decided to park it for a while, and focus on some of the other stuff I've got going on
around here.
The truck still needs some TLC (don't they always) And I still dream of making a Camper top for it. I also
want to clean out the RustyRabbit shack, I've got WAY to many spare parts laying around. Its time to thin
the pack.  I had the shell of the GTI hauled off right near X-mas, It was a little sad to see it go. There
SOOO hard to come by. Sadly No one is sending me any pictures, so the otherpeoples cars section is not
getting updated.

11-23-04  ITS ALIVE! Ok ok, I got it running right. I took the fuel distributor and fuel pressure regulator
from my Original 80 model and that took care of the missing parts. But I hated to kill my fist car to fix my
newest one. So anyway it drives, and runs, But It still needs a lot of other things before its done. I need
tires, Front wheel bearings, and a bunch of little fine details worked out. And then of course the biggest
thing, The BODY. I've Also neglected the RustyRabbit site, and the real shed. Its dirty in here. Maybe I
should do some early spring cleaning.

11-02-04 ITS IN THERE! Well, its all installed, but I ran into a few snags. The engine, and transmission are
both installed. And everything looks great. I flushed the Gas tank, Installed a new radiator, and I thought I
was ready to drive...... WRONG.   The fuel pump was long dead. So I ordered one. The Starter was Not
Very Healthy, So I ordered one. The parts came, and were installed. Still not running right... The fuel
distributor Is seized. DAMN. Those are no longer available new or rebuilt. I soaked my for 2 days in gas,
but still no good. Its not like the later CIE-E models this is a 77-80 only CIS fuel dist. Well.... Wish me luck.

09-29-04 Here we go again! The GTI transmission is now polished up real nice. It took forever to scrape all
those years of crud off of it, But underneath it all was a very pretty close ratio 5speed tranny. I replaced
both CV axles, and drained and filled the transmission with fresh 90w oil. I also got a new clutch disk and
cleaned the surface on the flywheel. It won't be long now until its time to put it all back together.

09-22-04 Well, The Engine is almost done, I've painted it, polished all the aluminum parts, reassembled it,
and tested it on the bench. I spent like 4 nights Cleaning the engine bay, and painting all the engine bay
components. The Area Looks REALLY good. I used high temp engine paint on all of the stuff, so it should
stay that way.

06-14-04 Work is progressing on the Sliver 79 2DR. The Interior now sports a center console, and three
gauges. I've pulled the motor, and transmission from the 83 GTI, and stripped it down to the bones. All the
wiring is out, and so is the interior. I plan on swapping the brakes, and suspension this weekend. That will
leave only the body panels to remove before the 83 GTI is no more.

05-04-04 Well my 4500 mile VW Pickup drive across America is Over. The Trip and the Truck Were Great!
I have a ton of photos, and lots of stories to tell. There Are some new pages added to the tips and tricks
portion of the site. As promised There is a page on Wheels and rims. And steering/suspension. Also Due to
Popular Demand, I will be adding a section on Diesel engines. Please Send me some pictures! I want to
expand the car picture pages, and I need your car photos to do it. On a Sad note, All 7 pictures I took of me
and the New owner of the green Pickup didn't come out. It was misting that day, and I guess the camera got
fogged up. WHAT A BUMMER DUDE. Work Will now resume on the site, and on the 79 silver car. The
cross America drive took up just too much of my personal time these last 2 months. But now its back to
work! I've gotten lots of E-mails over the last two months , and I hope to get a bunch more. Its nice talking
with all you rabbit lovers out there.  Take care, and I'll start adding photo's of the trip as I get them back.

04-02-04 Oh  My God is he dead? Is he in Jail? Did he buy a new car and just give up on Rabbits? HELL
NO!   So where the hell have I been for over a Month? Well,  it goes like this. I've been a busy little boy...
I have been Very busy, working on the silver 79 2dr. Its coming along nicely. The weather has been great
here in Moncure,NC so I've also been doing alot of work around the house. You know....Spring cleaning and
such. I'm putting up a 10 foot satellite dish so I can get better reception for my high speed Internet setup.
I've also been teaching my wife how to ride a moped, so we can cruise together. So all in all life is good, but
its going to be even better now that I have installed a Aftermarket A/C system on my rabbit truck. Stay
tuned to the site for more info and photos of that little miracle.  

02-22-04 Well, The Green Truck is gone... It was picked up last Sunday, and as a bonus I also sold a dirt
bike I had around here. No not my
Moped, This was a 350xt dirt bike. Its a fun bike, but I found falling off
of it in the woods to be a bit too painful, So it had sat for some time. In other news I've fixed a few missing
photos, and cleaned up the web sites directory to get a little more room out of those 50megs.  I've added
some nice shots of a fully restored 1975 Rabbit, as well as 4 new people with their Rabbits pics. Check them
out in the other peoples Rabbits section. It was 64 degrees here yesterday, so I was outside playing in the
Rusty Rabbit. I can't wait for the warmer weather to stay. I bought an A/C unit for the shop, So I'll only
smell like beer and oil, instead of Beer, Oil, and Sweat. Have Fun, And tell your friends about this place!

02-12-04  It Has Begun!  The Rusty Rabbit's  Going full throttle. It all Started with a Attempted software
upgrade for my web page maker. That led to a major computer upgrade, and as a side line I lost a little data,
so If I did not return your recent E-mails, try again. But back to the story, The Rusty Rabbit's Really going!
To prove it, I Got a Spell checker!  Now onto the Rabbits. I have Sold the 1981 Vw Diesel Truck to a buyer
from New Hampshire. He's got some big plans for my old truck, so stay tuned for updates. My 1984 Rabbit
gti has begun to be disasemmbled. The interior is going into a future project car, the fender flairs, and
spoiler are headed to my 1979 project car, as is the 1.8 engine after a rebuild.
And speaking of my 1979 silver 2dr, well, Spring is in the North Carolina air, and My Rabbit bug fever is
running high. In the next few weeks look for some of the first few pages covering the suspension, and brake
upgrades I've begun to do to this little hotrod.
So whats new with the site? Well I have gotten permision to post the Very first Vw Rabbit Poster girl
photos. You can find them located in the other People's cars pages. The owner would like a little feed back
before posting more, so lets get a few  ok?  And I've updated my camper plan page. (hint, you'll be
disaponinted) So keep in touch, and keep checking back for all the new stuff. I hope to add a bunch of new
resto videos with my new editing software, and an additional 60meg of online space, so let me know what
you would like to see.

01-26-04 Holy Crap 1000 hits in a month! Wow. I did a little advertising on some of the newsgroups, and
yahoo mailing lists, and found A lot of people didn't know about my little site. Well they do now ! I finished
the fuel diagnostics page, and the ignition systems page. Now all thats left is the brakes/suspension pages.
I got my first "Calender Girl" Rabbit pictures. I've contacted the sender about posting them, and maybe
sending a few more. Look for them to show up soon in the other peoples rabbits section. There has been a
steady stream of E-mails from Rabbit owners around the world, And I want to thank all of them and you for
helping to keep The VW Rabbit Alive here in the 21st century.  

01-05-04  Well, The sites almost finished.... and its only been 7 months since it opened.  Another 3 or 4, and
all the tech stuff will be done. Hope all your rabbit freaks out there are planning your spring time mods. I
know I am. The Silver 79 2dr is slowly coming together. just a few hundred more parts, and I'll be ready to

01-01-04 Happy New Year!
The RustyRabbit.Com has Now had over 2000 hits! What a nice Cristmas Present to see it make it before
the new year. Well my trip to see Dad in Indianapolis Indiana  went well. I ran into a little rain, a little snow,
and a lot of traffic. To see my "on the road pictures", and here about all the things that went wrong with my
Click Here.

12-07-03 Updates! I opened the section on fuel systems in tips and tricks, including some how to on fixing
your dead Rabbit. I also fixed the last non-working movie links (I think) and Did some proof reading. To bad
 I still don't know how the hell to spell check... Anyway the sites over 6 months old now and is nearing 2000
hits!  I never thought it would happen. but my little hard to navagate site is doing quite well with the Rabbit
community. I've met a few dozen new internet friends, and even a local or too. Me  And my mostly restored
1980 Vw Rabbit Pickup will be taking a road trip from here in NC to See My Dad in IN. Thats about a 1300
mile round trip run, and it should be a good chance to test my baby out. I think I'm going to put the cap on
for the trip, so I can put all my Gear in back and leave the passenger seat for all my cd's and stuff.
I'll Drop another note before I leave, and maybe someone will spot me on the road. I had a set of
rustyrabbit stickers made up for the window of the truck cap. So honk it ya see me!

11-17-03 Fixed some problems with the menu in the pictures area. Spent the Weekend swapping out the
passenger side motor mount. God thats not fun. Then I went and took a look a a light blue 1981 vw rabbit
Basic 2dr. Its a econo version, with the fixed front and rear seats, and a gas 4spd with no acc.  Its current
owner has owned it 17years! and it now has just shy of 200k on the original motor. I drove it around the
block a few times, and decided for the $$ its a steal. So I have Found Me and the wife A good Spare car.
We'll use it whenever our daily drivers break down. I'll have to do a few minor repairs to the pass door
handles, and lock. and of course give it a good once over to look for any upcoming issues. But for a second
car, its in pretty good shape. I'll add a few pictures when I get the chance.
*** I've decided to sell my 1981 diesel truck (the green one) to make room for the new car. You can find
some new photos of it in the trucks section.***

11-09-03 Updates! I've done a few housekeeping things, and added more info to the truck resto. I've also
added a few more other peoples cars pages. These are picutes of cars I've found on the net, and I don't
have any info on them, so if you see one you know, drop me a line, and let me know the details. Very shortly
The Silver 79 2dr project should begin... I am going to get a better camera for clearer picutres as I document
how to strip, swap, rebuild, and then get a speeding ticket. in less then a year.

11-08-03 Oh boy,  I've been checking over the site for everything but spelling errors. Seems to be mostly
working... Hows that for optimisim. I sure wish someone would send me pictures of their car.... Its been a
while since I got the last set. This is the start of the slow season at work, so hopefully I can spend more time
with The Rusty Rabbit, both the Real ones, and the Web site. And one Last thing, If anyone has a vw rabbit
website they run, or one that they know of that I don't have listed, please let me know. I can't find a site that
had a guy who restored a 1980 carb rabbit. He's a great insperation for anyone thinking about doing the

11-05-03 I Just Realized the other movie links are dead, and have fixed the problem ( i think). Looks like
this weekend should see the end of the Unexpected Truck Restoration. Its always harder to do lots of work
on a car you drive everyday. I think it would have been done a month ago if I was able to take it apart and
leave it over night... I Really need to register one of the other rabbits. Check out my Video of the month.
Vw pickup music video. (5meg) Find it in the video section!

11-04-03 Boy... That Truck is keeping me busy. I've done the brake work, and added a new fan switch, and
front motor mount to the list. The Motor mount must have been defective. 1600 miles and it failed. Now I
get to Drop the front of the motor and hammer in a new one. I still want to do the shocks and struts before
winter sets in.  This has consumed alot of my free time, so no work has been done on the sliver rabbit, or
more importantly the web site.  I have another 3 or 4 movies to edit and upload into the new web space, and
I still have a few loose corners to wrap up in the pages. I know the fuel and ignition pages don't exisit yet,
but If there are any others you see that are dead links, Please let me know. Or if there's something you
want to see, let me know. and lastly I've been gettting a steady stream of e-mails and questions, But No
user Pictures! Show Me Your Cars!