I hauled the 1.5L Motor from the brown 4dr up to the shop where I work,
and began to disassemble it.  The rings were glued to the pistions, Its no
wonder it had no compression. I've sent off my head to be rebuilt . I also
ordered all the parts I'll need to put this thing back together. A full engine
gasket and seal set. Main, and rod bearings, and a new set of rings.
I think the oil pump looks good, and the water pump looks new, so I'm
going to pass on those.   I'm going to strip the engine block, valve cover,
and oil pan, and paint them all with high temp gloss black paint. It should
look pretty stock.


Well, the motor is stripped, and painted as are the covers, and I've cleaned
and polished the pistons. I'm still waiting for the bearings to get here. I got a
good deal on
all this stuff, so the total cost for putting this 1.5L into my truck is going to
be well under
$400...Thats not bad, and I'll still have the 1.5 out of the truck to rebuild,
and have as a spare.

I've deciecded to dismantle my 83 Gti (I know... it's a crime) I'm going to
put the 1.8L from it, after  rebuilding it, into my 80 project car.  I'm also
going to steal the entire front and rear suspension and larger front brakes
and calipers.  I have no use for the Gti interior except for the gauges and
center console.  So if anyone wants it, let me know.

Its been a busy week. The 1.5L is built now, and I want to get it installed
before Oct 1st.

Now its time to update the site, its been a whole 3 weeks, and I've been so
busy with
the real world, I haven't even been out to TheRustyRabbit.com..
      Imagine my surprise I've got over 700 hits!
   Sounds like this place is getting noticed.. Cool.

That reminds me, in a way, I guess you could say I had my first customer
this week.
A guy and his wife stopped by in a white rabbit pickup. and knocked on the
Of course they were trying to sell me another Rabbit( I already have 6 here! )
So maybe I Should open a used Rabbit lot....  Anyway, it was cool to have
someone see the little sign I made, and actually stop to see whats up! I gave
them the full 2 miniute tour, and we exchanged numbers.       Not a bad start!

09-05-03 Updates begin!  The links section is finished (for now), There is a
new log section.. (This one). And I've added a bunch of new owners, and
photos to the other people's cars section.  As soon as I finish with my engine
swap, I'll upload all the pictures of disassembly, and reassembly of the
motor, and removal and installation of the engine.
And little by little, I'll be adding more tech info and tips and tricks.

09-13-03 More Updates. Added more to Parts list. Created section On
preformance and upgrades. Added more info on dash work, and
restorations. Also added two pages on switches, and gauges. check them out!

09-14-03 Spent the day Working on my truck. added interior lighting,
Rewired the foglights to a lightup switch, and added a volt gauge, and oil
pressure gauge.
As a added bonus The Cheap Cd Player I had in My old Buick Fits Into the
Rabbit. This thing cost me 39.99 at walmart, but it works fine for me! Now
I've got Tunes!
This Week I hope To have time to install the newly built engine. Then It will
be time to throw the Cap on it and go on a road trip.
10-10-03 Well.... Its All Done.
The Truck has a newly welded strut tower. The engine bay and new welds have been
repainted black, and the Motor is installed and running.  All is well at just under 200 miles
into the 600 mile break-in period. The motor is quiet and well balanced, and the fuel
system is running pretty damm good, considering it been givining me headaches for
some time before I finally redid the wiring. I Haven't updated the site in a few weeks, I
was off camping last week, kind of a break-in trip for the new motor to tackle. It did fine
with a full load, and uneven roads. I'm going to get some new shocks and struts soon, and
then finally get the car aliened. I'm kind of in need of a brake, so I may shoot a few more
short videos this weekend.
New projects to the projects page. Also added a page on strut tower rust,
and repair.
I've begun to transfer all the pictures of my truck engine swap, and the
restoration work on the engine bay and strut tower. I Should Have the
Section on Engines repairs up soon. For now Its just a guide on doing a
lower end rebuild. I also rearranged this section to have the latest news come
up first.

9-21-03 Another update, added page on head gasket replacement and piston
The truck is waiting on the final welding repairs on the passenger strut tower.
The engine and transmission assembly are ready to drop back in. I hope to
have it back on the road tomorrow night. Today, I'm just going to sit
around, and Watch TV.

10-14-03 Well, the truck is running great, but I'm afraid the brakes need a
little work.
One of the original front break hoses blew out on the way home last night. I
managed to limp it home. So today I ordered both front hoses, both rear
wheel cylinders, and a set of E-brake cables. I spent about $75 for all of it,
and I could have just done the hoses, but the truck is 23 years old now, so
my guess is most of the seals are weak, And the Cables haven't worked for
Looks like another long weekend.......

In other news, I have secured an additional 20Meg of web server space, so
the site should continue to grow as I update a few pages here and there, as
well as adding the rest of the videos.  At some point, I will add another 5 or
so pages of other peoples rabbits.