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11-15-02 I began construction on my new "Shack" I'm going to repair and
modify A old tractor barn/soap barn. Its in horrible shape, you can walk out
of it on any directions there is so much exterior missing. But the roof is sound,
and half of it has a concrete floor. I'll Have to reside the exterior, and interior
walls, add a door, and make two large barn doors for the front.
I also have to remove a large brick oven (its right where the workbench has to
go.) And I have to remove 1/2 of the interior wall separating the two sides.
This is going to take forever.

11-18-02 It took 3 Vw pickup loads to the dump to empty all the old crap
stored in the barn. Found a bunch of old tools, and a spark plug from before
time... But mostly I just found crap. Its all out, and so is the rest of the rotten
siding.  Tomorrow night, its time for me and a sledge hammer to have a talk
with the brick oven.

11-31-02 the inside is finished being stripped. I cut the wall down, smashed,
and hauled the brick oven to the end of my lot. And added support beams in
several places. The barn has a tin roof, and I'll have to patch the hole in from
removing the smoke stack. Its getting too cold to work.

12-20-02 Had 4 days of warm weather, so I made a trip to home depot, and
bought all the wood I need for the exterior. OUCH! $350!!!  Damm. Well,
I went ahead got it. It was hard for a cheap ass like myself to part with that
much money for wood... I mean its wood..wwoooodd... And I'm only half
done I still have to buy all the interior wood.

I managed to reside, and paint the shack in 2 days. It looks 10 million times
better then before, but it still needs a ton of work.

01-22-03  My lucky day! My boss is redoing the roof on his garage, and is
replacing all The plywood. It took 2 trips, and my truck was bottoming out at
every bump, but I got the mother load of wood for Free. I put my camping
heater out in the shack, and started piecing all the wood planks into walls. By
the weekend it was all assembled. My wife came out, and had a look, and told
me it looked funny. So I dug around my shed, and found a 5 gallon bucket of
cheap white paint. It was about 3/4 full, and I really didn't want white wall, so
I added a gallon of black and mixed it up. I think the place looks cool all
painted up. Its a battleship gray. And it lights the place up.

02-02-03  I've been going nuts trying to finish the shack before it starts to get
warm again. I've finished painting, inside and out, and all the doors are hung.
The roof is sort of patched, we'll have to see how well that holds.

2-19-03  I spent the last two weekends building my work benches, and putting
together those lovely metal shelves you get for $5.00 I had enough old
pegboard pieces to make a nice tool wall, got a stool at goodwill, and dug out
a old 13inch TV. I also decided to call it The Rusty Rabbit.
Its really starting to look like a shop.

3-12-03  Almost Done! The inside is done, I've hung 6 shop lights, Wired
outlets, Set up my tools, and started finding homes for all my parts.
Tomorrow A 40 ton delivery of gravel arrives, so I can have a drive way, and
floor for the car side of my shop.

3-28-03 Done! My back is broken from shoveling 40 tons of rock around my
yard, but it looks good and the shop is like new. Its A long way from the hulk
it was last year. I even made and hung my own sign!
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