04-14-03    Found a 1979 2dr gas parts car in Southern Va, Took car dolly
up, Hoping to find a Restorable car. All I found was a rusty wreck of a car.
But all the parts were there, and my pickup will need a motor soon so, I
took it. It was still a gtreat deal for a parts car costing my about $150
including renting a car dolly.

05-23-03  I've been stripping down the 4door, most of the body panels are
damaged or rusted, so I've only taken the few exterior pieces that could be
saved. I have however stripped the interior down to bones. The dash is in
good shape with only minor cracks.

06-13-03  Well, the car is done for. I've removed the motor, the
transmisson, the drive shafts, and the front calipers. as well as all the lights.
Nothing left on it that I can see myself needing. I Pushed it out of The
Rusty Rabbit, and left it for the tow truck.

07-24-03  Oh My, there is a 79 2dr Automatic gas Rabbit for sale on E-bay.
This is the Car I've been looking for! 37,000 original miles, no motor, body
in good shape. And its in my area!  I'll bid on it.

07-25-03 I won! So now I'll need to drag the 79 parts car back in and
remove the steering rack, pedal cluster, and stick shifter with all the
linkage's...  Sounds fun.   Can't have a hotrod rabbit with an automatic!

07-26-03 Went and picked up the car, took it over to where I worked,
dropped the trans, and what was left of engine. the took it home. It was a
Long day.

07-27-03 Finished removing all the stick shift items from the parts car. Boy
that was fun. They never intended for anyone to change it from one to the
other, so it was not easy to get at the pedal cluster. On the plus side the
steering rack removal was a snap. I will need to get A linkage bushing kit as
all my stuff is rotten.
Then I pushed the New car into the bay and began on it..