Restore, Or Repair Your Rabbit
Well,  first lets talk about money. There is no limit to what you can do to your Rabbit if
you just had the cash.  For most of us that is not really a possibility unless we hit the
So what were left with is a Car Project with a budget. For those of you just starting out, or
those who are cheap like me. This will not be much, so you must get the most bang for the

I have found That EVERY TIME I  have done anything major to my car(s). It turns out to
be 4 times cheaper to find a parts car that I can take parts off at will, then it is to truck out
to the junkyards every Saturday to look in vain for the overpriced parts I need.
The last time I found a Rabbit in the yard, they wanted $40.00 each for the front door
panels. In contrast for $100.00 total I bought a 79 4dr in running, but poor shape. The
parts I stripped off that car saved me over a thousand dollars in cash. That's no joke. The
motor out of a junkyard alone would have run  me $400-$600.
So if you have the space, or the time, and are lucky enough to find one. Try to get
yourself a parts car before doing any serious restorations or repairs.
So lets say you find a parts car, and you have your project car, But there  are a few
problems. First the car and interior colors don't match. Second the years are different, or
transmissions are not the same or lastly the engines incompatible (diesel/gas)

Well you'll be happy to know that most parts fit any year. And  all body parts are
interchangeable between the gas and diesels. So about 85% of the stuff your parts car
has will most likely fit on the project car you want to build.

          Phase One
                       Plans, and Preparations

Write down your goals. Maybe you want to dust some of those pesky Honda's in your
town, or maybe you want to enter a car in a car show. Maybe you want the worlds only 8
door Vw Rabbit Limo.  

Once you have set your goals, Its time to assemble the parts, and tools you will need to
finish the job. This is where your send some time and money tracking down that parts car,
or finding one in a junkyard. Or you start looking for that 200hp 2.0L turbo you've always
You'll also want to get all the tools you will be needing to complete the task. There is
nothing worse then having to stop in the middle of a rebuild to go get a torque wrench or
shims or whatever. Take the time now to mass the tools needed. You'll be much happier
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