The Rusty Rabbit Store
You Can Now order Your own Rusty Rabbit Tee-Shirts, Hats, Or Have a Custom
Iron-On Sent To you.
Just Pick A picture, Or pattern, or combination of them,
Then E-mail me with your choices. Be sure to tell me when you want them On the shirt.

For Example :
I want picture #3 on the front, and # 4 on the back. I also want emblem #1 near the

Also Include your address. When the shirt is made, I will have you Paypal Me.
The Shirts with upto 3 pictures are $12 plus shipping
Hats? I don't know
If you just want an Iron-on for your own shirt its $5.00 plus shipping.
I Can Also Transfer Any VW Picture You Send To Me.
Photo C
(specify front or back)
Photo B
(specify front or back)
You can Also Substitute your own
photos here.
Photo A
(specify front or back)
Photo F
(mad Erik)
Photo E
(Large SuperMan Emblem)
Photo D
(large emblem)
Photo I
(Don't Touch)
Photo H
Photo G
(back off Man)
The Below Pictures are for the shirt pocket area, or sleave.
Here's some Text you can add to your shirt.
Text 4
Text 5
Text 6

Thats It for now, But Many other ideas are in my head.
So just pick a set of things to put on a shirt, with an address to send it too, and

Email it to me