New Car Alert!
I have found my 2dr 79! You will all get to see this baby restored.
Lets take a look!
Check Out This interior, This thing looks clean...
It currently has a auto, but I will be installing either a 1.5L and 4spd or a
tuned 1.8L with gti 5spd. I'll decided later.
Look at those seats! No rips in a 24 year old car...
A little old lady owned it until 2000
Then  blew up the motor, and it has sat ever since. Its supposed to have only 37,000 miles, but my
guess is its 137,000.
Still, its almost in great shape.
I Have Such Evil Plans For This Car.
Stay Tuned!
This is one of the nicest interiors I've seen in a Rabbit.
Good buy auto, hello 1.8L
See My Restoration Daily Dairy,
And Log Book!