These are pictures of Rabbits I have owned or currently
My First Car.
A 1980 Vw Rabbit C
For me, this is how it all started. Pictured here on the first day I owned it.  This little Car
got me hooked. I paid $350 for it in 1989, and I still own it 14 years later.
Its 1.6L motor and 4spd tranny, Gave this car lots of Power.
I could outrun anyone on a back road..
Here's my baby in 1991.
By this time in its life, I had Modified the Interior, added a stereo, put some mag
wheels on it. And I added red to the grill, and any other trim that had silver trim.
Also notice the heartbeat sun screen, tinted windows, and wiper arm covers.
This was cool back in the day.
But the coolest thing I had added was the chrome monza exhaust.
Notice the cooler mag wheels, the Monza exhaust, and the front and rear fog lights.
When I parked it years ago before joining the Army, it was the coolest car on the road.