Wicked Windows!
As my Little hot rod will not be getting A/C,
I needed to do some Mods to help keep myself cool on these brutal hot
Summer days we have here in the south.

My first stop was to replace the stock side windows with the coveted
"Vent" windows
So That will help while I'm moving, But what about all those traffic lights, or stops at the
store where the inside heats up to ungodly levels?

I decided to take it to the max... Well, the North Carolina Max anyway.
I tinted the back, rear sides, front sides, and the top 5 inches of the front glass to 75%
tint. the tint has a heat reflective property that claims a 60% reduction of convection.
We shall see how effective this is in August!
Anyway, it does look cool.
And Finally I finished her off with the rear louver.
Here she is, Not fully back together, but with all the New tinted windows
Back in place.