The Wheels
The Stock Steel 13inch 155-75-13 Wheels Had To Go.
I knew that right from the start. I'm not a huge fan of flash, and chrome, but there had to be
somthing better then these old things.
I thought about blacking them out,  keeping the chrome hub caps, and adding the chrome
beauty rings, but in the end I decided I needed something else.

Being that I wanted my Rabbit to look like a 1989 "souped up" version, I wanted nothing
modern on it. So I was left with these 3 options.
MK1-Euro GTI wheels
AKA "Rocco Wheels"

I'd haul the car out, swap two of the tires, take a few pictures, swap them out again, take more
pictures, and so on. Pondering the choice for hours. After all, the wheels make the car...

In the end, I decided on the USA GTI SPEC "Snowflake" 14inch rims.
I'll be putting a set of original size and spec wheels on them soon.
Then Of course I'll add the Black dice valve stem caps!
And that will be that.