Making the Back End "Sexy"
Again As luck would have it the Car already had early taillights.
No Need to have that fixed, But I did want to add a small set of
"Rear Fogs"
Something that I could use to add to my reverse lights, or to notifiy
Asswipe drivers to back off my ride!
For the rear window, I found a original rear louver for Rabbits without a
wiper. Thats about as rare as they come, and this one was new in the box!
I also added a "Monza Pacesetter" dual exaust muffler to the car.
Now it was onto the emblems.
This was a hard one... What emblem most captured my Rabbits loins?
It was a stock Rabbit C originally, but it did have a GTI motor and
Transmission.... And the inside was all fixed up too... So maybe an L?
Or maybe just the plain Rabbit emblem from the 75-76 rabbits?

In the End, I went with what I had done in the old days.
The 1979 VW Rabbit C-Sport
AKA: The Rabid Rabbit.
Notice the red eyes!
I recreated the Same emblem I had used on my original 1980 VW Rabbit C
making it stand out, and making anyone who saw it ask, What the hell is
Well, What do you think?