Paint, Body Work, And Exterior Trim
As you can see
Although the Rabbit I bought was
pretty clean and free of rust for its age,
it still had some surface rust, faded
Paint, and a dent in the passenger side
rear quarter.
Now, I'm A Mechanic, Not A Body man Dammit.

So I left most of that work to the pros.
I did take the time to strip the car of all its trim, some of the windows, along with the window trim and seals,
then I removed both bumpers, the grill, and all the lights.
And then off it went for more sanding, priming, and dent repairs.
While it was gone, I
got all the trim, and
exterior stuff ready to
And Then Just like That....
She Was Back!
With a few less dents, A Lot Less Rust, And A whole new Paint Job.
Now It was time to Put her all back together again.