The Grill, and Front end Treatment
So I went from this...
To This!
But something was still missing...
My original VW Rabbit has received fog lights along the way, followed
by some of those deer wistles.
So in the end it will look a little more like
Only without the black bumper, or bumper stops.
The Resto Rabbit will have a chrome bumper, with no stops.

Next it was time to toss the old lights, and put in some 9003 Upgrades.
Thank the Light gods for these... I found them on a 81 Rabbit at the
junk yard!
But, I had to protect these jewels, so I found a used set of these to go
with them...
This Is the final result.

My 1979 USA GTI
Front End

Now that I had settled on the front end look, I focused on the side.

For the side markers, I gave my Rabbit the same treatment.
I painted the chrome trim red.
Now A lot of folks are into the early round headlight look, but thats not me....
I Like the Early Westy look. Square headlights, blinkers in the grill.
So the car already had what I liked. But a few things were missing.
So I removed the grill, and painted the chrome trim Red to match the GTI Spec car I wanted.