Dash, And Interior Upgrades, and Stereo.
The Interior on this car was super clean, the original dash was almost crack free,
So I decided to keep in mosty stock.

I did add a 3 gauge center console. With a nice Wolfsburgh Wood shift knob.
And these NOS old school seat covers.

In order to get the car to do some of the things I needed I had to
modify the Instument Cluster with a few new lights, gauges and
Here it is in the planning stages
Here it is under modifications, Notice the ODO has been reset to
While I was in there makeing the nessasary mods, I installed this great
little sterio from Pepboys for 39.99. It plays Cd-r's too!
I wanted to be able to see in my Rabbit with out killing my night vision, so I added a set
or red, and a set of blue interior lights.

Can you say "Red Alert!"
Finally I finshed off the inside with a few nice trim parts like these black dice door
locks, and light up fuzzy red skulls.

Damn I'm one classy Dude!