The Engine, Transmission, and Fuel System
The Stock 1.5L Fuel Injected CIS Engine the 1979 Rabbit Came with was....
Well.... It was Underpowered for the Car even when new. Add to that the
Cars stock 3speed Automatic Transmission, and this little bunny was rather

So Something had to be done.
Out Came the 1.5L, And the Crappy Auto tranny.

I took a donor 1983 GTI, and rebuilt the 1.8L big valve JH code engine and solid
lifter head.
Next I tossed the older Points ignition system and added the Gti's Electronic  
system instead.

Then, I added a "G" grind Cam for a little extra Horse Power and kept the 79's
4 into 2 exhaust manifold.

Lastly I added a "Big Bore Throttle Body from a later Audi, and ported the
intake manifold to match.

As For the Transmission....
I kept the GTI close ratio 5-speed, added a Heavy Duty Clutch Kit, and Swaped
over the Manual Steering Rack, shift linkage and all the other goodies to make a
Auto into a Stick!

For the fuel system I kept the Plain Jane CIS (no-E) opting for simplicity over
economy. But I did swith the air intake plate over to the larger bore from the

I Modified the Air Filter Box for A cold air intake scooping air in right from the

Take A Look!

Of Course I Cleaned, Polished, and rebuilt ever component on the car except the Alternator.
I plan on finding a newer Higher output unit to put in its place.
But all the hoses, the Heater valve, heater core, and radiator were replaced.
The plug wires, cap, rotor, and coil are new.
I Cleaned out the injectors, and fuel distributor.
and installed all new sensors with the rebuilt motor.

This Baby ought to last a life time!
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